Bernbach Now


It all started with Bill Bernbach. He is the father of the Creative Revolution. He changed the way the advertising industry talked to consumers and to each other. He was the first to really team up copywriters and art directors. Bill taught us that talent should come from anywhere. And that advertising is not a science, but an art - the art of persuasion.

These days I sit in the same office Bill once occupied on Madison Avenue. A portrait of him that once hung in my office in Berlin has now come home. It hangs on my wall along with many of my favorite classic DDB ads.

It is an honor to continue his legacy at his agency. The magic that he and his teams brought to our business is the greatest our industry has ever seen. And his principles still have so much to teach us today.

In this spirit I am launching "What Would Bernbach Do?" to celebrate his legacy and discuss today's issues.

"Let us blaze new trails," Bill famously wrote, "Let us prove to the world that good taste, good art and good writing can be good selling."

He still has much to say to us today.

Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Office, DDB Worldwide