Lemon2020 Issue 27: Young Creatives

The new generation of creative professional looks at the same things as everyone else but sees something different.

They are constantly searching for answers – even if a question hasn’t been asked.

They want to bring that extra something to the client. To merely come up with a TV ad or radio spot without real content, does not make them happy.

They want their idea to add something to the consumer’s life – usefulness, entertainment – they want to add value to the brand at all times.

According to Maria Tender, Director of Brand Planning at DDB New York, “they are on the front lines of tumultuous conditions and thrive on being expert improvisers. They quickly make sense of the swirl, identify opportunities proactively, and devise creative ways to efficiently take advantage of them. They don’t plan far ahead. They interact and try to understand and curate from consumers who carry devices in their hands ten times more powerful than the computers of ten years ago.”

An excerpt from the latest issue of Lemon2020. Read the full issue here.

Amir Kassaei DDB Worldwide Chief Creative Officer

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