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DDB Honors Veterans’ Day

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DDB Canada Pays Tribute to the Men and Women Who Have Served, and Continue To Serve, Our Country

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It only happens once in a lifetime. On Remembrance Day at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month of the 11th year, Canadians will join in silence to pay their respects to the thousands of men and women who sacrificed their lives for our great country. To honour the courageous, DDB Canada, has donated its full resources to launch an impactful and emotional Remembrance Day campaign, which showcases war veterans in a unique and symbolic way.

Developed for the Historica-Dominion Institute, the largest, independent organization dedicated to Canadian history, identity and citizenship, the campaign was created, leveraging the unique date for this year’s Remembrance Day to increase awareness and drive donations to the Historica-Dominion Institute.

A visual representation of the historic ’11/11/11′ date was created utilising veterans to represent the numbers. Comprised of six Canadian veterans, consisting of three from World War II, and three from the Korean War, the image coupled with the line, ‘Remember’ creates a simple, respectful and memorable tribute to the soldiers that gave so much of themselves for our country. In addition, the veterans are organised in pairs by military branch: the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Canadian Army, and the Royal Canadian Navy. The diversity of the Canadian Armed Forces is also represented across the six individuals, with one French-Canadian veteran, one African-Canadian veteran, and one female veteran.

Launching at the City of Toronto Civic Remembrance Day Service at Old City Hall, the initiative kicks off with a live visual interpretation of this image. Showcasing a commanding white background with the historic ’11/11/11′ date in the forefront, it features six cadets standing side-by-side in salute position, each forming the shape of the number ‘1.’ Above the date, the Historica-Dominion’s Memory Project logo sits alongside the word ‘Remember’.

PSA Campaign by Tribal DDB and AOL Seeks Advisors for Veterans


American Corporate Partners (ACP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce, launched ACP AdvisorNet, the only online business related “Quick Question Community” for veterans that provides advice related to career development, employment, and small business directly from business professionals. And in partnership with Tribal DDB and AOL, American Corporate Partners have launched a PSA campaign to build awareness of, and drive participation in the online community. ACP AdvisorNet is a non-profit venture comprised of Advisors (any individual with business experience) and Veterans (those who served in the armed services, as well as their immediate family members) that aims to help veterans achieve their career goals through advice and expertise from business leaders across the U.S. Advisors are asked to connect through Q&A threads and private messaging and to give an hour a month to answering the business questions of Veterans.

As part of Tribal DDB and AOL’s pro-bono effort for ACP, the companies have created a marketing strategy and online media traffic drivers to explain, promote and encourage participation in ACP AdvisorNet. The site was designed by Headspinners/TimDev. Banner advertising that will appear on the network of sites highlights the new and unique Q&A opportunity that ACP AdvisorNet offers, in addition to providing action steps to get involved. Banners endorse the importance of giving back to the veteran community, underscoring ACP AdvisorNet’s unique ability to connect with both business leaders and veterans.

PSA advertising starting this month aims to generate awareness and encourage vets and members of the community to sign up for the program. Advertising will continue until the end of the month with targeted messaging aimed toward veterans and the business community. Interested veterans and immediate family of service members as well as members of the business community are encouraged to register at

DDB New York Designs Campaign for Hertz to Honor Heroes With Free Rentals

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The Hertz Corporation launched a new campaign designed to honor and thank U.S. troops returning home. As part of the “Hertz for Heroes” campaign, Hertz will donate a portion of each rental between Veterans Day (November 11) and December 31, 2011 towards a pool of free weekend rentals to be distributed to servicemen and servicewomen. The goal is to donate the equivalent of 40,000 free weekend rentals, an estimated value of $3 million.

Hertz has a long history of helping our armed services and those in the Military. During WWII Hertz retreaded the tires on its cars and focused on maintenance of its existing fleet to conserve resources; during Persian Gulf, Hertz supported its employee reservists including those with the Military Airlift Command, the Strategic Studies Group of the National Defense University at Fort McNair, and the Space Systems Division and employees sent care packages to troops serving overseas; and, more recently, Hertz had employee representation at the Women in Military Service of America Memorial dedication ceremony and has collected DVDs and Videos to send to troops serving overseas.

Elena Weinstein DDB Worldwide Communications Associate

Posted November 10, 2011 at 9:22pm

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