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Tribal DDB & DDB Take 5 of 7 Groundswell Awards

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Josh Bernoff, Sara Consgrove, Nate Elliot

Tribal DDB and DDB took five of seven International Awards for KLM, StarHub, Singapore Elections, Estrela “Come Back Ferrorama,” and Tok & Stok Twitter Manuals and was recognized for Excellence in Social Technologies at the Forrester Groundswell Awards fifth annual show, presented at the Forrester Marketing & Strategy Forum EMEA held at The Grove country estate in London November 16-17. The awards recognize excellence in achieving business and organizational goals with social technology applications and the wins further showcase the success of its work for clients.

Tribal DDB Singapore was honored with two Forrester Groundswell Awards. The wins were awarded for the StarHub “Musical Fitting Rooms” campaign in the Business to Consumer International: Mobile Application category and for the “Singapore Spring” elections campaign in the Business to Consumer International: Social Impact category. Tribal DDB and DDB° Amsterdam’s celebrated KLM “Tile & Inspire” campaign was awarded the Forrester Groundswell Award in the Business to Consumer International: Talking category.

Tribal DDB and DDB Amsterdam’s global “Tile & Inspire” campaign for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines utilized social media to generate crowd-sourced uploads of users’ photos to feature consumer faces within traditional Dutch delftware blue tiles on a real Boeing 777-200 airplane. The airline unveiled the Boeing 777-200 airplane exterior wrapped in a selection of 3,965 crowd-sourced tile images and uplifting quotes. The campaign was part of KLM’s ongoing effort to generate brand preference via engaging activation campaigns around the Brand’s Dutch roots and their brand promise to supply “Journeys of Inspiration”.

StarHub’s “Musical Fitting Rooms” was developed by Tribal DDB and DDB Singapore by combining music and fashion – two powerful forms of self expression for youth – with RFID technology to create a hyper-personalized experience. Tribal DDB tagged RFID chips to clothes and installed RFID readers with directional speakers in the fitting rooms of selected fashion retail stores. When a garment was brought into the fitting room, the RFID chip triggered the reader to play a music track that matched the style of the garment. An iPad interface installed in the room then provided information about the suggested song, as well as a link to StarHub’s online music store. StarHub’s Musical Fitting Room introduced young shoppers to music that best suited their style and helped them to better express themselves through both fashion and music. It positioned the StarHub Music Store as the online music portal that is truly in tune with what matters to youth.

Tribal DDB created a useful informational tool before the Singapore General Election 2011 upon recognizing that over 44,000 counts of political buzz exploded on social media, blogs, forums and websites the week leading up to polling day. Singaporeans needed to make sense of it all, so Tribal DDB created “SG Party Time” to turn the data into simple, attractive infographics using data and analysis by Brandtology. The project was part of an effort to encourage openness and real-time tracking of the election outlook while remaining neutral and providing statistical analysis. Users could get a bird’s-eye view of on-ground sentiments at all constituencies. They could see how well liked (or disliked) each party was. They could also see what people said about each party, in real time even as speeches were broadcast. In the seven days of campaigning, SG Party Time had over 252,000 page views with 6,000 unique visits per day, an average of four minutes per visit and more than six pages viewed per visit. The campaign was shared over 2,000 times on Facebook and reached an estimated 80,000 Twitter users.

DDB Bazil’s Tok & Stok Twitter Manuals strove to achieve the greenest way possible to provide instructions for Tok & Stok’s east to assemble furniture. As a solution, it leveraged Twitter to create manuals that were reduced to a mere 140 character tweets providing a link to the assemble diagram. Consumers simply had to find the hashtag of the name of the furniture item and follow the instructions. The promotion caught the media, the current and new brand’s fans, architects, designers, and those who were simply considering buying furniture’s attention. Through the social network, the relationship between the company and clients was strengthened.

DDB Brazil was also recognized for its Come Back Ferrorama campaign in which a toy company, Estrela, challenged the fans of Ferrorama, a toy train, on Orkut, Brazil’s largest social network. The challenge was to prove their dedication by running the train on a long pilgrimage in Spain across 20km, using and reusing 120 meters of track continuously. The groups engaged with the public in real time by constantly uploading videos, tweeting, and providing photos of their five-day journey. The success led Estrela to relaunch the popular toy. Moreover, it sold out within the month and garnered as many as 1230 pre-orders, transforming the company’s marketing and business strategy to espouse the digital and social world.


Josh Bernoff, Patrick Rona, Nate Elliot


KLM “Tile & Inspire” (Tribal DDB & DDB Amsterdam)
Talking (Business to Consumer International)

StarHub “Musical Fitting Rooms” (Tribal DDB & DDB Singapore)
Mobile Application (Business to Consumer International)

“A Singapore Spring” (Tribal DDB Singapore)
Social Impact (Business to Consumer International)

TOK & STOK Twitter Manuals (DDB Brazil)
Supporting (Consumer International)

“Come Back Ferrorama” (DDB Brazil)
Embracing (Consumer International)

Kaya Lobaczewski DDB Worldwide Associate Director of Communications, DDB U.S

Posted November 18, 2011 at 7:12pm

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