DDB Budapest Rewrites the Status Quo with Open Love Songs Project


Radio stations tend to play love songs around the clock on Valentine’s Day, but not everyone can find a song that relates to them. In the conservative nation of Hungary, same-sex couples have found little to relate to in the nation’s popular music because of a lack of LGBTQ love songs. In response, DDB Budapest teamed up with We’re Open, an initiative founded in part by Google, Prezi and espell to support diversity and gender equality. DDB identified this year’s Hallmark holiday as a time to spread We’re Open’s message about equality, and “Open Love Songs” was created.

In collaboration with the original performers of famous Hungarian love songs, DDB and its agency partners re-recorded the hits with new, revitalized and more inclusive lyrics. Male singers took the place of female vocalists, singing to other males, and the other way around. And in some cases, surnames were replaced by a common name of the opposing sex.

The “Open Love Songs” became part of the Valentine’s Day playlist rotation on three different local radio stations, and without any media budget or traditional advertising, the “Open Love Songs” initiative was featured on more than 10 major news portals. Earned coverage resulted in a campaign reach of more than 500,000 people, accounting for 10% of the total adult population in Hungary.

Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/119861137

Sara Cosgrove DDB Europe Communications Director

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