Lemon2020 Issue 33: Idea Catchers

The Idea Catchers project initially came about because we at DDB Asia Pac wanted to address the real issue of how much it costs to create great work. A film to present at a round of DDB talks became something broader, something that could be shared industry wide.

And it wasn’t until I started writing the script, that I realized this wasn’t about dollars and cents. It’s about the value we should be placing on our ideas, and recognizing that ideas take time and that we give them away too easily. If the development of ideas is threatened, the industry’s ability to sell products is also in jeopardy. Marketers need to give their agencies the space to let good ideas thrive in order to create iconic brands.

An excerpt from the latest issue of Lemon2020. Read the full issue here.

Amir Kassaei DDB Worldwide Chief Creative Officer

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