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Every year since 2016, Spotify has released Wrapped – a summary of your year as a listener and a celebration of music fandom. However, eight years after launch, Wrapped was old news. So how could Spotify Sweden engage music fans and, at the same time, celebrate the artists that made the biggest impact in 2022?

With a limited media budget, the aim was to drive engagement and earned media.

NORD DDB launched the Super Fan Collection with four of Sweden’s hottest artists of the year – Miss Li, Hooja, LOAM and Bell. The collection was exclusively available to the top 1% of each artist’s listeners, making it a true symbol of fandom – all based on data.

It was promoted through the artists’ and Spotify’s social media channels, and dedicated listeners received a notification giving them access to the limited collection. The selected item was delivered directly to the fan’s door, creating a unique experience for all.


Campaign results included:

· Engagement rate 89% above average

· The collection sold out straight away

· The campaign generated over 12 million impressions in a land of 10 million people

Most importantly, Super Fan Collection invented a new format. A data-led way for artists to celebrate and reward their most dedicated fans. This idea could be adapted by artists around the world – to once and for all prove who’s a real fan.

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