Manscaped wants your crotch to attract the right kind of attention

DDB New York | Manscaped


Men’s hygiene has evolved, bringing with it a different approach to grooming. Gone are the days when a shower, and cologne were enough. Men now understand the importance of self-care, and MANSCAPED is leading the charge with the Crop Preserver Ball Deodorant.

Designed specifically for those sensitive areas, keeping them hydrated and smelling good. Our goal was to generate product awareness, so we leaned into the notion of smelling good down there. At its core, MANSCAPED Ball Deodorant helps men attract the right kind of attention. To dramatize that, we developed a humorous campaign using man’s best friend, and one simple truth that our canine companions are famous for sniffing crotches and MANSCAPED Crop Preserver Ball Deodorant finally gives them a good reason to.


The biggest impact was delivering this campaign with a total production budget $15,000 to cover a two-day photo shoot in New York City, one of the most expensive places for production.

That’s one of the reasons we leaned into the street-style photography. That budget had to include everything from the dogs to the talent and wardrobe as well as the cameras and the photographer. The ratio of production spend to media reach was a huge achievement for the client, as we delivered three unique images for OOH, social, print, and digital media.


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