Corona Beer

A revolutionary platform to capture the last rays of daylight

DDB Colombia | Corona

Corona’s mission is to encourage people to reestablish their connection with the essential rhythms of nature. It’s the perfect brand to cultivate outdoor experiences that address this issue, reuniting city dwellers with the joy of embracing the sunset, a connection they may have long forgotten.

In a world where work holds dominion over our days, the elusive quest for relaxation outdoors becomes a distant dream. Trapped within the confines of walls, we surrender 95% of our lives to the indoors, neglecting the vital 5% where our souls truly thrive. Thus, the imperative emerges: To engineer an outdoor experience where sunset ignites the spirit every day, forging a pathway to inner peace and profound connection.

This is Corona Sunset Spot: a revolutionary platform that strategically positioned different venues to capture the last rays of daylight amidst towering structures where sunset lands in Bogotá, Medellín, and Barranquilla. These carefully curated spots offer respite from the urban frenzy, inviting all to savor a moment of tranquility with a chilled Corona in hand.

A billboard by appearance, but within lies a transformative oasis—a customizable bar set where sunlight lingers, bringing a slice of beachside intothe city.

We brought the sunset to the citizens in a way they had never experienced before,transforming an unnoticed glimpse of the sun into a noticeable oasis in the middle of the city. As a result, the attribute of being the beer for relaxing with others increased by +20% – the highest growth rate in the last two years.

So now, Corona is not only the top-of-mind brand for beaches and vacations, but also the brand for relaxing occasions connected with sunsets, reaching more than 4.5 million with this initiative and obtaining more than $500,000 in free press.

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