Rediscovering the bonds that truly matter

DDB Paris | Salomon

Already well-regarded among outdoor sports enthusiasts, the brand’s objective was to get a newaudience into nature. Especially an urban and feminine one. Building upon the belief that has driven the brand since the beginning: a deeper connection to nature enhances our well-being. It’s essential to our mental health.

The goal was to make people feel this urge to go back where we truly belong. But also translate this universal truth into a striking visual. That’s where the “Welcome back to Earth” idea came from. The film shows this journey back towards Earth not literally, but rather in a spiritual way.

The brand film portrays the physical and mental journey of a young woman, moving from a dystopian cityscape to the pristine expanses of the mountains. At the culmination of her journey, our heroine rediscovers a fundamental harmony with herself and with nature.

Through this metaphorical story, the film is an invitation to go back to our own planet: “Welcome back to earth.”

More than 900 reels with #welcomebacktoearth were created by Salomon’s community (both influencers and users), generating 36.2M organic impressions.

84% of people reached were non-followers, exposing the brand to new audiences.

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