Samsung introduces something “different”

DDB New Zealand | Samsung

Samsung sits second behind one of the biggest companies in history: Apple.

Apple had long warned us against conformity. Since its seminal Superbowl ad “1984,” this was a brand that had been meticulously built on being “different.” The brand for the non-conformists, who swam against the tide, and went against the grain.

But somewhere along the line, the champion of “different” had become the symbol of the status quo.

With the launch of the flagship Z Flip 5 phone, Samsung New Zealand needed to break younger iPhone users out of apathy and mobile inertia by creating a local campaign to change young people’s perception of the brand and drive purchase intent.

To show that, we juxtaposed an army of identical iPhones with one, lone, Samsung Z Flip 5, its distinctive folded shape standing proudly above the rest.

One word displayed: “Different.”

Measured by improvements in key image statements, the perception of Samsung being “superior and successful” increased by +13.7%, and “smart and ahead of others” by +10.1% amongst 18-29 year olds.

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