McDonald’s revives classic chant with a twist

DDB Sydney | McDonald’s

The Big Mac is the most famous burger in Australia. No product is more powerful for the McDonald’s brand than the Big Mac. Its fans are 50% more likely to love McDonald’s compared to other products’ fans. But this icon was at risk. Famous yet forgotten by a new generation. Gen Z called it their “dad’s burger” and competitors were stealing share. Yet 45+ year old customers not only loved Big Mac, but could recite the 49-year-old jingle perfectly.

We needed to dust off this classic icon to create new memories and future-proof the brand, connecting past and present. We needed to fire on three levels with a 360 campaign:
Fame: Create a fresh cultural role for Big Mac that inspires conversation and sharing.
Feeling: Increase brand love, particularly with younger generations.
Footfall: Get more people to try the Big Mac to create the next generation of fans.

The jingle that trended before trending was a thing is back. Sparking a country wide, inter-generational jingle battle. With an average engagement time of 53 seconds per user and multiple attempts of The Original Mouthful 4 second Jingle, we saw a total of more than 41 million seconds of jingling.

That’s over a year-and-a-half of back-to-back jingle time.

Across Instagram, X and Facebook we reached 2.19M, with social engagements of 25.81K (vs. average YTD performance, 3.23x and 2.45x respectively) on McDonald’s owned channels. We reached 9M through influencers, with a total influencer engagement of 23.9K.

45% of players beat the clock, leading to a 60% sales increase of the Big Mac Range within three weeks of campaign launch.

And the press noticed this trend exploding, with 204 pieces of coverage with an estimated reach of 17,545,969 for The Original Mouthful Jingle Challenge.

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