Phyllis Project

The Phyllis Project is a new global creative initiative launched by DDB in 2017, committed to increasing the number of female creative leaders in every region of our network.

Named after the legendary Phyllis Robinson, DDB’s first and only copywriter at its founding—and the first female copy chief in U.S. history—the Phyllis Project recognizes the significant role women played in igniting the creative revolution and the need for gender equality among our creative leaders today.

Phyllis Robinson broke all the rules and opened doors for many women (and men) who followed. She promoted an atmosphere of creative freedom and respect where people had the opportunity to take chances and where diverse opinions were valued and nurtured.

I am deeply impressed by the capacity for growth of the human mind. I’m not talking now about maturity, the ripening of intelligence, the sharpening of critical judgment. That too. But I’m talking about what happens when you remove the fears and the restrictions and the nasty habits of limited thinking. I’m talking about what happens when you let the imagination soar.

Phyllis Robinson

Twelve women from across the network have been selected for the Phyllis Project inaugural program. It consists of four key components: a personalized career development plan and mentorship program, global brief and pitch assignments for the network’s top clients, attendance to prominent industry events, and global leadership training programs developed with external partner The 3% Movement.

We take development of our next generation talent rather seriously and have committed to ensure that our top creative women around the world are offered all the opportunities they deserve to further their careers.

Read more on Lemon2020 to get to know the women of the Phyllis Project.

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