22feet Tribal Worldwide National Creative Director Debashish Ghosh on Why Indian Brands Are Tapping Nostalgia

The pandemic has sparked a flurry of nostalgia ads and we are all for this trend. Indian brands are capitalizing on nostalgia and memories to connect with their consumers and remind them of simpler times.

From Cadbury and CRED to Dunzo, brands are reviving what is old into new in their marketing campaigns. Business Insider speaks to creative experts to figure out why nostalgia works and how should brands go about it, including Debashish Ghosh, National Creative Director, 22feet Tribal Worldwide.

“Nostalgia is comfort food. It feels good and fond memories are linked to it. There is a deeper emotional glue. It’s sticky. So it sells. A great example is one of the longest-running social media trend #throwbackthursday. Brands tap into it to help the audience remember their best memories from the past. Be it personal, popular or stuff of legend. Like famous moments, celebrities, old fads & trends. And once they give it a new spin, they make a unique connection with that memory. It adds immensely to their brand metric and helps them foray into culture,” Ghosh said.

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