adam&eveDDB New York launches a campaign in partnership with BlueForge Alliance

In collaboration with BlueForge Alliance, adam&eveDDB New York is proud to announce the launch of their latest campaign titled ‘Built To Last.’ This new initiative aims to raise awareness about the rewarding career opportunities in maritime manufacturing, especially to the next generation of job-seekers who may be unaware that these essential and significant roles exist.

The star of the campaign is a character named ‘Rosie,’ notably inspired by the well-known Rosie the Riveter. This version of Rosie embodies similar values of hard work and determination while she is on the search to find a career that meets her personal and professional needs.

David Brown, Executive Creative Director at adam&eveDDB New York, said, “Many people across America aren’t aware of the huge opportunities for careers in manufacturing. The gig economy has created a transitory workforce, and we wanted to demonstrate that there are incredible long-term career opportunities across American manufacturing. Bringing an icon like Rosie the Riveter into 2024 felt like a unique way to connect with a new generation and make them aware of the prospects that a career in manufacturing has to offer.”

We are certainly inspired by Rosie’s confidence and the campaign’s role in inspiring individuals to forge careers that offer long-term growth and personal fulfillment.

See the campaign in Little Black Book here.

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