Chief People Officer Roisin Rooney on Talent Trends in 2022

We hear about diversity, inclusion and the changes that need to be made to make the industry a more accessible place. But how realistic is this and are companies making tangible changes?

A big topic of conversation also remains to be remote working and the choice this gives employees. With increases in flexible options and an adaptation to the previous ‘normal’, experts across the industry are keen to share the ways in which they encompass employee choice and how accessibility reaps the benefits.

From the application process to choosing candidates from outside specific sectors and adapting brand mottos to match their efforts to improve, there are ways in which the industry is beginning to take accountability for its diversity downfalls.

LBB posed the question, ‘What will 2022 hold for new talent?’ and here’s what DDB Worldwide Chief People Officer Roisin Rooney said:

“2022 and beyond will offer a better employee experience, not just for new talent but for all of us. The last 20 months have been tough in every way, and lessons learned must be carried forward if we are to successfully diversify our industry.

Hybrid/remote/in-agency, the conundrum of not just how we’ll work, but where we’ll, work is currently top of mind. We don’t have all the answers but communication, listening and adapting will be key to arriving at the right shared solution.”

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