DDB NY and Kroger Celebrate Holidays

Thanks to Covid, last year’s holidays could hardly be called a celebration. But as life slowly inches back to normal, the 2021 Holiday season is an opportunity to make up for that lost time by celebrating this year and last year together.

To show people how to double up their holiday, DDB New York and Kroger have created a doubly special symbol – Doubly Special Dinnerware. Crafted by acclaimed ceramicist David Kim, who specializes in the creation of custom dinnerware for Michelin Star restaurants, this limited-edition dinnerware set was meticulously designed to pack two years’ worth of holiday happiness into one.

From now through the end of the year, Doubly Special Dinnerware will be passed between Holiday food experts who will use it to share recipes and entertainment tips to help consumers get twice the fun from their holiday hosting. Expert partners range from influencers like Dzung Lewis and Kolby Chandler to the culinary pros at the Food Network.

As the Holidays come to a close, one of the Doubly Special Dinnerware sets will end its journey at the International Museum of Dinnerware Design. And Kroger will give the second set to a special new home, as well as make a double-size donation to their Zero Hunger Zero Waste initiative.

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