Google’s New AI Tools and OpenAI’s GPT-4 Bring More ‘Maturation’ to the AI race

The flurry of news related to artificial intelligence might soon require people to have their own AI to just keep up with — and make sense of — all the updates.

Both Google and OpenAI rolled out new updates to their AI offerings yesterday, with Google announcing new capabilities in the morning and OpenAI releasing its much-awaited GPT-4 only a few hours later.

With new APIs for developers and businesses, Google released new AI tools for generating text and images — and down the road also audio and video — along with new AI features for Gmail and Google Docs. There are also specific new tools for marketers in Google Cloud to perform brainstorming and copywriting tasks, as well as generate emails and creative assets.

Not long after, OpenAI revealed GPT-4, the company’s newest language model that can receive both text and image inputs. The company said it’s also 40% more likely than its predecessor to produce factual responses and 82% less likely to respond with “disallowed content” — both areas of ongoing concern.

“Its potential abilities in text-to-image and video generation is huge,” said Pradeep Kumar, chief data officer at DDB North America in an email. “Translation, faster Q&A and overall advantages in scalability, productivity and creativity [is] something to look forward to.”

Read more in Digiday.

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