Orkin to compose a Cicada Symphony in partnership with DDB Chicago

Orkin, the pest-control company, and DDB Chicago are organizing a seven-act symphony based on the dual emergence of two broods of periodic cicadas, entitled “Orkinstra.”

To be held in Springfield, Illinois, on June 8th, Orkin will host the public to join classically-trained musicians as they play a never-before-heard symphony composed to incorporate the singing and rhythm of this summer’s loudest and most vocal insect.

“Orkin uses their knowledge to make bugs less disruptive. And this summer, there is nothing more disruptive than a once-in-a-lifetime event featuring a trillion shrieking cicadas,” said Colin Selikow, Chief Creative Officer of DDB Chicago. “So, it was an interesting challenge to think how we could use our bug expertise to make even that less annoying. The answer was pretty unexpected—create a symphony that uses the sounds of the cicadas as part of the arrangement, to turn their iconic noise into something beautiful. It’s a unique way to demonstrate what Orkin does, at a time when bugs will literally be taking over popular culture this summer.”

In addition to the live event, a behind-the-scenes film will also be available late June. For more information on ‘Orkinstra,’ click here, and read more in Ad Age here.

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