Roisin Rooney, Little Black Book: New Job Titles You Need to Retrain for in 2024

The industry is changing fast as new technology, particularly AI, absorbs old roles (but opens up new ones too). As people rush to stay relevant, there’s more than a little guesswork involved in figuring out where they should be focussing their upskilling efforts. Are we past the ‘you need to code’ push now that ChatGPT appears to have that covered? Should we be swapping copywriting for prompt writing? Or will we see a rise in the more touchy-feely people-centric roles that AI still can’t replicate?
LBB’s Alex Reeves hears about the new job titles that agencies and creative businesses have added to their teams or are considering adding and why.

Roisin Rooney
Global chief people officer at DDB Worldwide
“Negatively viewed AI is a disruptor of the labour market, and that’s the click-bait news swirling. However, in a creative industry like ours, we positively see it as helping improve how we work. We can lean into AI technology to minimise task-based, repetitive processes, offsetting administrative tasks that keep us from doing the important stuff – creative business problem solving. Thus, we’re given more time and a rich source of inspiration to be brilliantly creative and do what we do best: deliver work with real emotion and impact.”
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