Our Diversity + Creativity Program

We are committed to these principles which we refer to as C3: Connect. Communicate. Create.

  1. CONNECT diverse partners with our agency culture
  2. COMMUNICATE partnerships throughout the network
  3. CREATE opportunities to innovate ideas

The Diversity + Creativity Partners Program includes our North American agencies: DDB New York, DDB Chicago, Velocity, DDB San Francisco, Rodgers Townsend, Spike DDB, Tribal Worldwide, Alma, TracyLocke and DDB Corporate.

Our Diversity Champions
The Diversity + Creativity Champions include people from across the agency network and at various management levels. Led by the Director of Diversity, our champions work together to get everyone talking and thinking strategically, and are charged with:

  • Influencing and supporting diversity initiatives across all areas of the business
  • Driving and sharing network best practices to strengthen multicultural awareness and growth
  • Constantly expanding our diversity efforts

Our Diversity Partnerships
Our partners are as important to us as the services we provide. Collaboration within a diverse network is a critical part of our strategy for ensuring we attain the highest degree of creativity, attract top talent and achieve the best results.
Our commitment to ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table not only supports our objectives to provide creative value and insights, but also sustains our diversity partner program’s success. Our diverse partners include certified minority-owned, woman-owned, LGBT-owned, veteran-owned, disability-owned and small businesses.

Our Community Outreach
We cast a wide net through community outreach and event participation: 1) To CONNECT with the local and national councils, diverse suppliers, and clients; 2) To COMMUNICATE the value of a business culture that collaborates with diverse suppliers; and 3) To CREATE a network that represents our customer and community.

Our Challenge to the Industry
We invite agency and corporate executives to care about company culture, encourage diverse relationships and change the status quo of their organizations. Supplier Diversity is not just a program. It’s a business process that aligns with corporate values. Building diverse relationships is beneficial to cultivating culture, changing habits and creating work that’s impossible to ignore.

To learn more about our diversity initiatives, just click on the links below:
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Our Business Classifications

Key Industry Resources

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