Elkjøp x Minecraft

Your old gadgets are a goldmine

NORD DDB | Elkjøp x Minecraft


Less than 20% of all e-waste worldwide is recycled, but the world is dependent on the valuable metals inside old electronics to produce new ones. Recycling of e-waste at Elkjøp, the Nordic’s largest tech retailer, had fallen by 6% compared to the year before and they wanted to change this trend.

How could Elkjøp teach people about the value of old electronics and encourage them to recycle?

Your old gadgets are a goldmine. In collaboration with Microsoft and Minecraft NORD DDB created a new e-waste recycling service based on the gameplay mechanics of the world’s most popular game called Urban Miner. In Minecraft you mine for resources to create the world you want. NORD DDB brought this gameplay behavior into the real world and encouraged people to mine their old gadgets for Minecoins they can use back in the game.


13.8% increase in e-waste recycling at Elkjøp stores. Over 17 tonnes (and counting) of old gadgets have been recycled. More than nine million Minecoins have been redeemed.

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