Turning old McDonald’s offers into today’s greatest deals

NORD DDB | McDonald’s


You know that inflationary pressure is high when even McDonald’s raises its prices. That’s what happened in 2022. The same year, Google also added a time travel feature for mobile, making it possible to view the same location in different years.

NORD DDB found that a lot of McDonald’s old deals were stuck on outdoor ads in Google Street View. We decided to purchase the exact same billboards and reactivate over a decade’s worth of McDonald’s outdoor campaigns, allowing people to claim the deals once again.

By scanning the QR code on one of our outdoor ads, users could view the old deal through Street View in the same location – directly in their phone. This weblink then functioned as a voucher code on the campaign site, leading consumers directly to the McDonald’s app where they could claim the deal.


As many as 840,000 Swedes decided to travel back in time and get involved in the campaign at the website This resulted in over 32,000 deals being found and used, while the campaign itself created great interest among people and generated more than 13 million impressions.

Most importantly, the campaign resulted in more than 23,000 McDonald’s app downloads during the campaign period (+3,000 more than anticipated). In addition, McDonald’s active users increased by a whopping +25%, from 167,000 to 210,000 people.

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