A trust-based credit system for low-income Mexicans

DDB Mexico | WeCapital

In Mexico, more than 49 million Mexicans do not earn enough to feed their families. Over 20 million people buy things on credit in neighborhood stores.

This trust-based credit system, which grants small loans for short-terms, without requiring any collateral, has become the only financial support for millions of low-income Mexicans who do not have any support from banks.

However, these small stores only have the capacity to lend to a few neighbors, so we created a larger system that can use the same credit system to lend to an entire country.

WeCapital, seeking financial inclusion in Mexico, created “The E-commerce of Trust,” an online store where Mexicans can buy food using credit like in the neighborhood stores: without bank cards, without guarantors, and with only one guarantee: trust.

The E-commerce of Trust has 60 partner stores in 20 locations in Mexico City. More than 9,500 unbanked families have benefited from the platform, and 77,600 basic food products have been delivered to 9,500 beneficiary families.

To date, the platform has 7,700 active users who have paid on time and continue to request food credits.

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