A new take on a classic combination

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Launched in 2021, the original “Better With Pepsi” campaign showed Pepsi pairs better with burgers compared to Coke, even though fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King only served the latter.

After the campaign, “Better With Pepsi” became more than a tagline— it became a core marketing platform for the brand, and an unapologetic reminder to enjoy your favorite food and beverages with what tastes best: a refreshing Pepsi.

In 2023, Pepsi wanted to continue with this platform and focus on a new category— alcohol. Specifically, the classic rum and cola. For over 100 years, Rum and Coke has been a staple on cocktail menus, but blind taste tests prove 56% of participants prefer mixing rum with Pepsi compared to Coke. This was the perfect opportunity to bring back #BetterWithPepsi to remind bar and restaurant owners what soda pairs best and gives their customers the optimal drinking experience.

The print campaign earned 432MM impressions via earned media and OOH, and supported the brands effort in getting 589 bars in the U.S. switched to Pepsi from Coke.

While there were no campaign benchmarks, the work continued building on the brand’s wider “Better With Pepsi” marketing platform, raising awareness around Pepsi as a superior product.

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