Imagine the possibilities with Petacos

DDB Colombia | Poker

Corner shops are an essential part of the Colombian economy. It’s estimated that there are more than 500,000 throughout the country, responsible for 52% of the sales of everything that is consumed nationally. They are important not just for what they represent in neighborhood dynamics, but also for all the families that depend on their economy.

According to research, only 4% of corner shops have the resources to equip their stores with the necessary furniture to give customers experiences worth staying longer, having fun, and thus consuming more.

That’s why Poker, one of the leading beer brands, used a resource that was already there: the PETACO, an essential object for beer distribution in Colombia. Inspired by a fully modular design system, Imagine with Petacos sparked the creativity of shopkeepers to transform beer boxes into functional furniture that adapts to any space.

Transforming Petacos into furniture for neighborhood stores has had a positive impact on business results. Increasing shopkeepers’ income by 15% and the frequency of consumers’ visits.

Furthermore, the improvement in customer experience has led to an increase in both the duration of visits and beer consumption in the stores.

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