One bike built to change how all vehicles are made

NORD DDB | Vattenfall


It’s no surprise we’re staring a climate emergency in the face. The world desperately needs systemic transformation to deliver the huge cuts in global emissions required.

To create real, lasting impact, we had to do something that inspired other companies. Not only by showing that fossil free production is possible. But also, by communicating our journey in a radically transparent way. Turning competitive thinking, company secrets and patents on their head for the climate. And by open sourcing all the data from the project. For anyone, for free.

The objective wasn’t just to remove emissions from the production chain of one bike, but to inspire the entire automotive industry to do the same.


In post-tests, the campaign outperformed previous benchmarks for Vattenfall’s brand image in its two brand differentiator metrics: “Leads the development towards a sustainable future” (+19%) and “Takes a broader responsibility” (+20%).

The real impact, however, is the change the project is inspiring across the industry. There are now seven new partners on board, from sustainable material start-ups to world leaders in suspension and electric vehicle batteries.

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