Exposing the blind spot in online food ordering

DDB Mudra | McDonald’s

The rise of delivery services and apps has been a significant trend, driven by increased smartphone penetration, cheap and fast data connectivity and a growing youth population. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend as movement restrictions and safety concerns put a damper on eating out.

But, despite recent innovations in delivery times and user experience, including billions spent on food photography, there was one blind spot: 10% of people who order food online in our markets are colorblind.

While brands champion initiatives for visual impairment, color blindness remains overlooked. We needed to address this problem as a step towards actualizing our mission. Goal number one was to expand McDelivery App user base to include the color-blind community and achieve widespread feature adoption. While step two was to improve brand perception scores of “Brand for someone like me” metric.

We introduced the ‘Color-Blind Friendly’ tech feature on the McDelivery app on World Sight Day – October 12, 2023. The feature helps users select from three color enhancement options tha allow color-blind people to see the real color of their food and drinks.

McDonald’s color-blind friendly feature transformed brand perception and drove significant revenue. In the first six months, 16% of all McDelivery orders were placed using the color-blind friendly feature.

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